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Why PET Strapping
PET Straps are generally used for packaging purposes in heavy duty industry. Having superb tensile strength, the straps used to pack tiles, bricks, blocks, bottle pallets, cans and other heavy material. Available in different thicknesses and widths in embossed or plain textured finishes, the impact resistant ability of these straps make them suitable for food processing applications and for stabilizing and palletizing in bottling plants.

PET Strapping a strong alternative of Steel Strapping

PET Strapping is considered as a strong alternative of Steel Strapping because of the following reasons:

  • Economy- The weight of 6 mtr. PET Strap is equal to 1 mtr. of Steel Strap of same size therefore, PET Straps saves almost 50% of the total cost in comparison to Steel Straps. Also, PET Straps can be easily handled and have reduced freight cost.
  • Free from Corrosion- PET Straps are chemically inactive, rust proof and do not leave any kind of stains on the pack.
  • Safety- As the PET Straps do no have sharp edges like steel, it will not damage or cut any product. Furthermore, straps made up of PET material is more safer for the users because it does not revert to its original form when removed so, the chances of injuries during cutting or tensioning of straps are minimized.
  • Impact Resistant- The impact resistant capability of PET straps are five times more than the steel straps. As the PET straps have higher shock absorbing ability than steel, it is ideal for compressed rigid packs which require high strapping tension throughout the activities of storage and handling.  
  • Elongation Recovery- The straps made up of PET are slightly elastic thus, they can easily return to their original position under tension. PET straps have good elongation recovery ability than the steel straps. As per the size of the pack, PET straps contract easily by maintaining strap tension during the process of pack settlement. Whereas, the steel straps loosen even there is slight change in the packing configuration.
  • Printing- Anything can be print on PET Straps.   

PET Strapping a better choice than the other Plastics

There are various packaging applications where PET Straps are the only choice, below are some of the reasons:

  • High Tensile Strength- PET Straps have more tensile strength that stretched for longer duration as compared to polypropylene straps. With excellent shock resistant, PET Straps also provide premium retained tension and sufficient load stability.
  • Low Elongation- Unlike PP straps, PET straps have less elongation which means that during contraction, expansion and pack settlement, the straps will not relax. Therefore, the packs can be easily & safely moved from one place to the other even after the extended period of time.
  • Better Weather Resistant- As compared to Nylon straps, PET Straps have good resistant ability against ultra-violet rays and holds great tension even in humid conditions thus, these straps are unaffected from harsh weather conditions. Having excellent heat resistant ability, PET straps can withstand up to -30o Celsius to + 80o Celsius temperature.

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